Samsung Pushes New Devices at SXSW and in Beijing

Samsung Pushes New Devices at SXSW and in Beijing

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7 line of smartphones in Barcelona, preempting MWC 2016.

Samsung is pushing hard to promote its newest flagship devices in China and the US.

Having officially announced its new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge smartphones, along with the Gear 360 3D camera and the Gear VR headset, in Barcelona ahead of Mobile World Congress, Samsung today conducted a launch event in Shanghai. Speaking to the crowd, Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Business President DJ Koh stressed the importance of the China market to his company, exclaiming that Samsung will “grow together with China”.

It’s a competitive stance that appears to take aim primarily at Apple, whose latest iPhones proved highly popular in China. Apple is also seeing tremendous success with the launch of Apple Pay in that market, and Samsung is preparing to launch its own mPayment platform there soon.

Meanwhile, in America, Samsung will be promoting its devices at the South by Southwest (SXSW) cultural event at the end of this week, where it will also offer special privileges to Galaxy owners, such as free transportation through Austin, where the event is being held. SXSW is known as a hotbed of creative activity, and as such Samsung’s VR headset could prove a compelling attraction to attendees, while the company’s SmartThings Internet of Things solutions could also prove attention-grabbing as they are displayed at the company’s SmartThings Airstream showcase.