Samsung Rumored to be Switching to Touch-Based Fingerprint Sensor for Galaxy S6

Mobile Fingerprint BiometricsRumor has it that Samsung is switching to a touch-based fingerprint sensor for its upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphone, according to an AndroidHeadlines article by David Steele. While Samsung is already using fingerprint-scanning technology in its latest iteration of the Galaxy smartphone, as well as a few other products, the current technology is a swipe-based system, unlike the more convenient touch-based technology used in Apple’s TouchID system.
In terms of functionality, Steele reports that it will likely be much the same: The sensor is used to unlock devices, for PayPal authentication, and other such applications. So the real difference is one of convenience for the user; possibly Samsung is seeking to stay competitive in its battle with Apple in the realm of mCommerce – a fight that will intensify this year as both companies roll out payment platforms in the massive Chinese market.
It also could be a product of general efforts at diversification and reinvention at Samsung. The recent flood of smartphones into the market has started to compel some of the big players to find new ways to distinguish themselves, and Samsung in particular has been somewhat volatile in its gear-shifting. Whatever the reasons, the coming change – if true – should make Samsung users happy with its increment, however small, in convenience.