Samsung S6 Devices Launch in India

Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones feature an improved fingerprint sensor.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge have launched in India, according to a new article in The Hindu. The devices are available at a price of Rs. 49,900 and Rs. 58,900, respectively.

The new devices are said to essentially put Samsung at “feature parity” with its rival Apple’s latest smartphones, though the company hopes to have an edge with the innovate 3-sided-screen design of the S6 Edge. It’s the company’s newest and perhaps most important effort to regain market territory lost to a flood of inexpensive yet technologically advanced smartphones on the one hand, and high-end prestige smartphone competitors – namely Apple – on the other. That having been said, Samsung has retained market dominance in India, so it’s a good place to start the rollout of its newest weapon.

The company revealed its newest flagship devices at the same time as its new mPayment platform, Samsung Pay, at the Mobile World Congress earlier this month. While that service has not yet gone live, the new S6 smartphones could prove important in driving consumer excitement about it when it launches later this spring. Samsung has a lot riding on these devices, and a lot of people in the company and elsewhere are going to be watching their rollout keenly over the coming weeks.