Bigger Screen Defines Samsung S6 Edge+


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Samsung has revealed the S6 Edge+, an updated version of its popular Samsung S6 Edge smartphone, and it should feel very familiar to users of the original. Other than a bigger screen, it is almost identical in its hardware.

It is worth noting that despite the screen extension – the S6 Edge’s screen is 5.1″, while the Edge+ has 5.7″ – the smartphone itself isn’t much bigger: It’s only 5mm wider and 12mm longer, and moreover it’s actually 0.1mm thinner. The screen still sports the unique curved design, and virtually every other aspect of the hardware, from its metal chassis to is 16MP camera, remains the same as the original.

Its software, meanwhile, features some minor upgrades, most notably onscreen shortcuts to the user’s most-used apps, and the ability to live-stream directly to YouTube from the Android system’s camera app.

Little mention has been made of the device’s security capabilities, which is somewhat surprising given the scrutiny Samsung has faced over the last couple of weeks. Security researchers have found serious vulnerabilities allowing users’ fingerprint biometric data to be hacked from the Galaxy S5, for example, and in the wake of the discovery of the Stagefright bug Samsung announced it would start pushing monthly security updates for its Android devices. Perhaps Samsung’s mobile leadership thought that was enough said on the topic and wanted to focus instead on the S6 Edge+’s new features, few though there may be.

Source: The Verge