Samsung Commits to QC Reform, Innovation at Shareholder Meeting

Samsung Electronics is looking to get back on track after its Galaxy Note7 fiasco. In addition to other business developments concerning a spinoff of its printing division and the appointment of a new board member, the company’s leadership addressed the issue of its aborted smartphone in a recent Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.Samsung Commits to QC Reform, Innovation at Shareholder Meeting

The Galaxy Note7 was meant to be a pioneering entry in Samsung’s line of flagship devices, being one of the first major smartphones to support iris scanning, which was to be used for a range of purposes including authentication for mobile payments via Samsung Pay. That has all been put on ice after an overheating issue led to the device’s total recall, and a still-faulty rerelease led to its discontinuation.

In a statement detailing Samsung’s recent shareholder meeting, the company asserts that it “will make significant changes in the quality assurance processes in its commitment to providing safe and reliable products and regaining customers’ confidence.” CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon added, “Throughout its 47-year history, Samsung Electronics has faced and overcome numerous challenges, creating opportunities through innovation.”

It may be another signal of Samsung’s intention to remain focused on iris biometrics for its next Galaxy smartphone, an innovation that will ultimately put it a step ahead of arch-rival Apple, even if it stumbled in trying to do so with the Note7.