Samsung Smart Windshield Connects Users’ Phones to Their Motorbikes

Samsung has unveiled an innovative new offering in the smart vehicle market. Called Samsung Smart Windshield, it’s a dashboard interface for motorcycles that pairs with a user’s Samsung mobile device.

Samsung Smart Windshield Connects Users' Phones to Their MotorbikesWith the device’s built-in WiFi connect, drivers can get GPS navigation data through the Samsung Smart Windshield’s screen, as well as email and text notifications. And drivers can reply to texts with voice dictation, and can take calls via the same interface.

While the product may strike some as a potential distraction to drivers, in a video showcasing Samsung Smart Windshield the company framed it in part as a road safety solution, with a narrator asserting that it lets drivers “keep both hands on the handlebar”, and that “the windshield has been transformed into a safety device” by reducing drivers’ need to check their phones for directions, messages, and so on.

Moreover, it’s very similar to the integrated smart car systems that are increasingly found on the road. And as innovations like voice-based interaction become more sophisticated and commonplace, such solutions could become the new norm for vehicles of all kinds.