Samsung Smartphone Software Upgrade Improves Biometrics, Performance

Galaxy S6Samsung Smartphone Software Upgrade Improves Biometrics, PerformanceSamsung has issued a new performance update for its latest flagship smartphones, according to an Android Authority article by Rob Triggs. The update brings with it a number of improvements to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices.

Those improvements include a new feature for the devices’ Photo Editor, interface tweaks for some apps, and an upgrade for the devices’ fingerprint biometrics systems. That latter item could prove important as the mPayment platform Samsung Pay debuts later this year, since users’ will need accurate fingerprint readings for secure mPayment transactions, but further details on what specific improvements it entails are not available, and it’s worth noting that for now the update is only available for users in Europe. The update also features general performance enhancements, according to its change-log.

Samsung launched its newest smartphones earlier this year with high expectations for sales, and so far it all seems to be going according to plan, with the company retaining its top spot in the global market with respect to overall shipments. The software update, of course, won’t have much effect on sales (if any, at all), but these kinds of updates help to signal the company’s commitment to its devices and to ensuring they remain top-of-the-line as they continue to elbow rivals in the crowded smartphone market.