Samsung Officially Unveils Galaxy S6 Active Smartphone


(img via Phandroid)

Samsung has officially unveiled its new Galaxy S6 Active smartphone, and the device is slated for release on June 12th. It was announced just hours before the start of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

As anticipated, the new version of the flagship Galaxy S6 device is designed to be more rugged, featuring dust and water resistance. In that way, it’s a traditional entry in the company’s Active product line. Speaking in a press release, a senior executive with AT&T, which will be the exclusive provider of the smartphone in the US, explained that the product exemplifies the telecom’s belief that “customers shouldn’t have to trade durability for best-in-class specs,” adding that the new smartphone “is the best Galaxy S6 in the market.”

Interestingly, the new smartphone doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, unlike the original Galaxy S6. It’s a puzzling omission. Samsung is readying the launch of its own mPayment platform, which could presumably benefit from biometric authentication capabilities; and the recently-announced Android M operating system, which would be appealing to Samsung users familiar with Android systems, features native biometric sensor capabilities that will likely be leveraged by a number of third party apps. It’s anyone’s guess why Samsung would choose to ignore this kind of functionality, but perhaps the company calculated that the adventurers keen to use the more rugged device don’t have much interest in such features; they just want to climb mountains and run marathons and so forth.

Source: Time