Images of Samsung’s Next Fitness Tracker Draw Gear S2 Comparisons

Images of Samsung's Next Fitness Tracker Draw Gear S2 ComparisonsImages have leaked of Samsung’s next major fitness tracking device—or rather, pair of devices. Called the SM-R150, the system comprises a wristband and a circular device that can be attached to the user’s shirt.

With its circular display, the wristband elements appears similar to Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch. The other component, also circular, bears only the “SAMSUNG” logo, and in a leaked image is seen attached to a user’s shirt near the chest. That implies it could be used for cardiac biometrics specifically. While it doesn’t attach directly to the user’s skin, recent products such as Olea Sensor Networks’ OS-3005 demonstrate how sophisticated cardiac biometrics can be detected even without direct skin contact.

Little else can be said definitively about the device, but given its similarity to the wristband’s similarity to the Gear S2, it may offer a hint about the future direction of Samsung’s fitness tracking devices, perhaps suggesting that the company will lean more toward peripherals that are compatible with its future smartwatches. In any case, given the timing of the leaks, the new system is likely to be revealed at next month’s Mobile World Congress.

Sources: The Verge, SamMobile