Sandata Technologies’ New Home Care Package Includes Biometric Monitoring

vital biometrics and wearable tech

Vital biometrics and mobile devices are enabling patients to receive 24 hour health monitoring while freeing up bed space in hospitals.

Home care IT solutions provider Sandata Technologies, LLC, has announced a new home healthcare package that will include real-time biometric monitoring. The new Santrax Care Embrace package will combine Sandata’s Electronic Visit Verification with third-party remote healthcare systems to offer a comprehensive home care package.

The idea is to group the various aspects of home health care into one unified framework. In a press release, Sandata’s CEO Tom Underwood explained, “Giving the Caregiver, the Participant, and the Case Manager a common communication tool to effectively deliver the Care Plan into the home is an important step to implementing a Collaborative Care solution for the homecare industry.”

The company’s platform is notable for its use of biometric technology. Its Electronic Visit Verification system already employs voice authentication to identify caregivers, and its new biometric monitoring tools could provide advanced health data to remote healthcare professionals. Still, it will be interesting to see how the company fares against the competition emerging from mobile device health platforms such as Apple’s HealthKit, which also allows biometric monitoring, but from the convenience of a patient’s iPhone. The HealthKit is currently being integrated into larger remote healthcare platforms such as HealthLoop and Amwell, so how Sandata performs in this market could come down to how advanced their biometric monitoring is, and how easy it is to use for both patients and healthcare professionals.