SAP Eyes Internet of Things with New Partnerships

Internet of Things, Smart Tech, Connectivity, Mobile EcosystemGerman software company SAP has announced a bunch of new partnerships that the company hopes will better position it to get involved in the Internet of Things, according to a Trefis Team article in Forbes. The partnerships are with T-Systems, Jasper, and the Industrial Internet Consortium.

It’s pretty easy to see the rationale underlying each of these partnerships. T-Systems is a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary that is going to work with SAP to provide a cloud-based logistics platform called smartPORT on the global market; the companies have already worked together on this technology for Germany’s Hamburg Port and believe it could also be deployed in other logistics hubs such as airports, parcel shipping centers and so on.

Jasper, meanwhile, is a SaaS platform designed for the management of IoT services. It was recently integrated in another high-profile partnership with the AirWatch EMM platform.

Finally, the Industrial Internet Consortium is a nonprofit group of major organizations seeking to advance the Internet of Things in terms of growth, technology, and standards. It’s in very much the same spirit as the FIDO Alliance, whose security specifications will likely be of concern to many of the parties involved here as they continue to explore the possibilities of the Internet of Things.

All told, if SAP is looking to take advantage of the burgeoning industry encompassed by the Internet of Things, these are all good moves to make. According to the Trefis Team, while there are varying estimates at the market value of the IoT, “the potential is universally agreed to be immense.”