News Roundup: Say Hello To Windows 10

Last week at Mobile ID World we brought Biometric Software Month to a close with a roundup of July’s featured articles and relevant news items. The industry headlines were otherwise made up of major consumer biometrics announcements (including the launch of Windows 10), developments in the world of the Internet of Things, and mobile commerce.


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Users all across the world were given the ability to authenticate via biometrics with the launch of Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 10. Thanks to the Windows Hello feature, the new OS offers multimodal authentication to users wanting to ditch passwords with FIDO adherent universal authentication factors.

Take a look at our launch coverage by following the links below:

Windows 10 Launches in 190 Countries

Windows 10 Launch Met With “Unprecedented Demand”


Biometric Authentication BannersIn smartphone news last week we saw two new handsets launch with Fingerprint Cards sensors (and therefore Precise Biometrics software). We also reported on a new and extremely affordable phone that will feature biometric  authentication too, while counterfeit Samsung Galaxy S6 phones sold in Canada brought to rise big questions of security, underlining the need for consumer awareness in this time of unprecedented choice in terms of mobile device purchasing.

Huawei’s MaiMang 4 Features Precise Biometrics Tech

CoolPad Brings Fingerprint Sensor to Budget-Range Smartphone

Functional Counterfeit Smartphones May Bring New Security Threats

Fingerprint Cards Sensor On OnePlus 2

Precise Biometrics Tech Powers “Lightning Quick” Sensor


cash moneyMobile ID World featured an exclusive interview with Credence ID CEO Bruce Hanson last week. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, one of which is the company’s recent financial inclusion deployments in Colombia and Panama. Meanwhile, in the industry news, ING and USAA joined the FIDO Alliance, PayPal and Apple Pay began the next generation of mPayment wars along with Samsung Pay (which is now supported by MasterCard). In the mean time,  the leader of Wells Fargo’s new Innovation Team expressed excitement about biometrics and Citizens Bank announced its support of Touch ID, rounding out last week’s financial headlines.

INTERVIEW: Bruce Hanson, CEO, Credence ID

Studies Find Apple Pay Use on the Rise in US

Subway Shops to be Front Line in PayPal’s mPayment War

Citizens Bank Adopts Touch ID Authentication For App

MasterCard On Board For Samsung Pay Europe Launch

Wells Fargo Innovation Team Leader Excited About Biometrics

ING and USAA Join FIDO Board

Connected World

Social network conceptInternet of Things consortium AllSeen Alliance announced its newest high profile member last week: Philips. Meanwhile, Jasper and Microsoft teamed up to develop an enterprise level IoT platform. Expanding out from the new Internet and into wearbale and vital tech news, Sentrian’s remote care solutions received FDA approval last week and we found out that the Apple Watch – which can help users interface with IoT – is coming to Best Buy stores.

Jasper Teams with Microsoft to Develop IoT Platform

Philips Joins AllSeen Alliance

Apple Watch Coming to Best Buy

FDA Opens Door for Sentrian to Market Across US


Biometric Authentication BannersWith August here, we leave behind Biometric Software Month. Last week we looked back on the proceedings with a month long roundup while ImageWare Systems announced that it will be hosting a fiscal update conference call on August 10 and a new report from Acuity painted a glowing picture of the future of biometric apps.

Biometric Software Month: The Roundup

12.9 Billion Biometric Apps To Be Downloaded by 2020

ImageWare to Provide Fiscal Update August 10


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