MWC 2015: Saygus “Super-Phone” Makes Appearance

Vphone-3o-WhiteAmerican smartphone maker Saygus has brought its very American smartphone to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, hoping to make an impression on the European and international market. The Saygus V2, which first debuted at this year’s CES, comes packed with as many features as its makers could fit into it, reflecting an attempt to make the “super-phone of super-phones”.

Speaking in a press release, Saygus founder Chad Sayers said the smartphone “has been well received by media and consumers around the world” since its launch, having received order from 51 countries. A number of the device’s many advanced features could account for that: It offers a 1080p FHD 5″ screen, 320GB of storage space, and even a “hardened Kevlar protective edge,” among others features.

Advanced features aside, the company is going to face some stiff competition in the mobile device market. Samsung has unveiled its newest Galaxy device at MWC, and it’s already generating a lot of buzz. Apple, meanwhile, might change the game radically with the impending release of its Apple Watch, which could make a significant cut into the mobile device market and powerfully change consumer attitudes toward mobile devices while doing so. Still, as a wise man once wrote, “Nothing succeeds like excess,” and the Saygus V2 has plenty of that.