Secure Gamer Identity – New Three Factor Mobile ID Security Provisional Patent Filed By LaserLock

Identity authentication solutions provider LaserLock Technologies has filed a provisional patent for a consumer grade multi-factor security system that offers password-less protection of online accounts through a user’s smartphone or tablet. The patent is titled “System For Correlation of Independent Authentication Mechanisms” and according to LaserLock will have specially potent applications in the world of online gaming, especially within the realm of Internet poker.

In the wake of Apple’s Touch ID system, unconventional and mobile means of protecting and authenticating user identity are on the verge of becoming commonplace. The LaserLock solution to no-PIN security is three-factor: it communicates with a connected smartphone or tablet, an item unique to the user, and prompts for a gesture while it simultaneously scans for face biometrics on the device’s front facing camera.

LaserLock CEO Neil Alpert expands: “This technology takes advantage of our existing biometric capabilities, including state-of-the-art facial recognition, and can easily incorporate additional capabilities such as fingerprint and retinal scans.”

The applications are broad in scope. Essentially this technology can be used to protect any number of virtual spaces, though LaserLock seems convinced that it will have the greatest impact in the online gaming community. Other applications mentioned in the announcement include financial transactions and payment protection, a field that, in terms of mCommerce, is only waiting for a single easy to use authentication method that is less boring and outdated than the PIN to truly take off.