Security System Routes Caller Authentication Through Mobile Devices

FPC launches new touch sensor of Anfroid and Windows home-button biometricsA new multi-factor authentication system could be a major tool in protecting call centers from fraud. The system, made by Authentify, is called Authentify xFA SecureCallCenter, and is an SDK aimed primarily at financial institutions for integration with their mobile apps.

Essentially, the system routes caller authentication through the caller’s mobile device. The customer must log in via the Authentify xFA system on the financial institution’s mobile app before being redirected to the financial institution’s call center, thereby leveraging the authentication capabilities of the device itself, which would include voice recognition at the very least, and in many cases fingerprint scanning as well. Explaining the utility of the system in a press release, Authentify VP Alan Dundas said, “As financial services customers migrate to using mobile channels as the primary connection to their accounts, reusing the authentication from the mobile app across a different contact channel makes a great deal of sense.”

Many financial institutions are now looking into biometric authentication for their mobile apps, as in the case of USAA’s facial recognition system. Call centers, too, are increasingly relying on biometric security to authenticate their callers, though they usually stick with voice biometrics alone. By leveraging the prevalence of fingerprint scanners on mobile devices, the Authentify system is capable of adding an extra layer of security, which could be of great interest to financial institutions contending with impostor-based fraud.