SeeChange Health Dives Into Mobile Healthcare with Doctor on Demand Acquisition

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Healthcare improvement service SeeChange Health has partnered with Doctor on Demand, a remote healthcare facilitator, and will incorporate the latter’s services into its FlyWheel healthcare platform.

Doctor on Demand is an American service that offers remote healthcare via online communication with doctors. These Video Visits can take place over desktop PCs and mobile devices and are organized via the company’s app, which asks users to input their symptoms and then connects them with doctors practicing in their states.

SeeChange Health, meanwhile, is an enterprise service aiming to improve members’ health with advanced data collection, analysis, and incentives – or, as policy wonks would say, with nudges. The company’s flagship platform, FlyWheel, is cloud-based and can be accessed with a mobile app. It collects members’ health data via insurance claims, doctors’ reports, and biometric measurements, and nudges members towards more healthy lifestyles by allowing employers to create tailored rewards – thus lowering the employers’ healthcare costs through employee claims.

Telehealth seems to be a booming market with a growing amount of competition. SeeChange is pretty well-placed, though: It boasts of over a million members, and its focus on lowering employers’ healthcare costs should make it particularly appealing in the US given that market’s dependence on employer-provided care. For its part, Doctor on Demand has raised $24 million in capital and is backed by the likes of Google Ventures, so there’s clearly a certain amount of good faith behind the company as it enters the market.