SEEK Avenger To Be Demonstrated By Cross Match Technologies at the BCC

8028_cross-match-technologies_crossmatchlogoTomorrow marks the start of the Biometrics Consortium Conference 2013 (BCC), and that means that industry professionals from around the world are congregating Tampa in order to show off their offerings in the field of biometrics, which now that Apple has entered the fingerprint scanning arena,is quickly becoming synonymous with mobile identity.

It’s not all smartphones in the world of mobile identity, however popular the Touch ID might be. Among the vertical markets served by mobile biometric and identification credential authentication we find border control, airport security and customs, and law enforcement are all greatly improved in terms of efficiency, cost and overall quality when a verification solution ends up in the hands of enforcement officials.

Cross Match’s senior vice president of marketing, John Hinmon, explains the situation: “With over 100 countries issuing a total of nearly 500 million passports since 2006, and numerous large scale biometric-enabled national ID programs rolling out worldwide, there is a growing need for reliable, trusted mobile credential reader technology. Our latest multi-modal handheld was designed as a complete solution for the mobile application of these use cases.”

To that end, identity management solutions provider Cross Match Technologies will be showcasing all of the features that are currently available on its SEEK Avenger mobile credential and biometric reading unit. A multi-factor and multi-modal solution, the SEEK Avenger has with it a smart card reader in addition to its biometric scanning capabilities: fingerprint and dual-iris recognition. The device will be out for demonstration at the BCC this week, where Mobile ID World will be Tweeting from live tomorrow under the handle @MobileIDWorld.