Introducing Selfie-Based Online Voting From Smartmatic

Smartmatic has unveiled a new online voting system based on biometric authentication.

Introducing Selfie-Based Online Voting From SmartmaticCalled TIVI, the system essentially verifies voters via selfie, allowing them to cast their ballots online from the comfort of their own homes. A voter needs only to upload an image of her face to the system prior to voting, and then facial recognition technology compares her facial biometrics to that of an initial image uploaded upon registration.

It’s an approach that could provide election authorities with the confidence they need to enable online voting, which could dramatically improve voter participating by removing the onerous difficulties associated with in-person voting. While such and approach has thus far suffered from doubts about authentication and electoral fraud, the use of biometric authentication stands to address said concerns and usher in the era of remote voting. In a statement announcing the system, Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica called it a “‘class-leading’ solution that seamlessly integrates online authentication and voting, thereby empowering election authorities to successfully address the challenges of remote voting and voter eligibility assurance.”

The company will present the TIVI solution at this week’s E-VOTE-ID 2016 conference in Austria.

October 17, 2016 – by Alex Perala