SensibleVision Offers More Details On 3D Facial Recognition System

SensibleVision is offering further details on its 3D facial recognition software for mobile devices.

SensibleVision Offers More Details On 3D Facial Recognition SystemFirst announced this past June, 3DVerify is designed to leverage 3D cameras for facial recognition. In September, SensibleVision announced that its solution had passed “tests that prove it works in broad daylight,” and the company now says it can function in complete darkness as well. SensibleVision says 3DVerify also features AI technology enabling it to differentiate between skin and synthetic materials based on reflectance – a capability that could help to detect spoofing attempts – and that it assesses faces based on “80 different features on the user’s face,” according to a statement.

Elaborating further on the solution’s potential, SensibleVision CEO George Brostoff says 3DVerify delivers 3D face recognition “while supporting the full range of AI hardware – from the latest generation of chips which can handle neural networks easily, to ones with less processor power.”

While 3D cameras remain relatively rare on mobile devices, the time is ripe for facial recognition solutions, with Apple having generated considerable hype over the Face ID infrared facial recognition system built into its iPhone X. That system allows for identification based on a three-dimensional, 30,000-dot grid mapped onto the user’s face, and competitors are already trying to develop even more sophisticated technology, with Huawei having recently previewed a facial recognition system based on a 300,000-dot grid. Thus SensibleVision’s solution could appeal to other mobile device makers seeking implement 3D facial recognition immediately, so long as their devices feature 3D cameras.