SensibleVision Announces 3DVerify, Anticipating Popularity of Depth Cameras

Biometric authentication solutions developer SensibleVision has announced a new facial recognition system for a new generation of mobile devices.SensibleVision Announces 3DVerify, Anticipating Popularity of Depth Cameras Called 3DVerify, the company says it’s the first such system to be designed specifically for use with 3D cameras while supporting multi-factor authentication.

While there are now numerous mobile facial recognition solutions on the market, 3DVerify anticipates the new capabilities expected to emerge with devices like Apple’s next iPhone and perhaps Samsung’s next Note device, both of which are expected to feature cameras that could support 3D facial recognition. While, Apple, at least, will probably stick with its own in-house facial recognition technology, its use of 3D facial recognition could help to spur various other smartphone makers to follow suit, as was the case when it pioneered fingerprint recognition with Touch ID. And many of those OEMs will probably be looking for third party software solutions.

In a statement announcing 3DVerify, SensibleVision CEO George Brostoff said it’s “no secret” that many device makers are planning to incorporate this kind of technology into smartphones and tablets, adding, “Depth cameras are only months – not years – away”.

3DVerify’s announcement comes soon after SensibleVision announced a more conventional 2D facial recognition system for mobile devices and computers, albeit one that features built-in liveness detection and also employs an additional authentication factor for extra security.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)