SensibleVision Adds Extra Security to Facial Recognition

Biometric authentication solutions provider SensibleVision has announced a new facial recognition system that features additional authentication factors.

SensibleVision Adds Extra Security to Facial RecognitionThe system comes with a built-in liveness detection feature; a demo on the company’s website shows a user trying to present a static image of herself on a smartphone to the webcam of her laptop, which the SensibleVision system rejects as a spoofing attempt. But it also requires an additional authentication factor, with users able to choose between fingerprint scanning, gesture recognition, spoken passphrase, identification of a secret shape displayed on the interface, or GPS.

In a statement announcing the system, SensibleVision asserted that it’s the product of ten years of R&D and is based on six patents, calling it “virtually spoof-proof”.

The solution arrives amid growing awareness about the issue of spoofing and biometric authentication, with solutions providers investing in liveness detection technology, and major companies like Samsung building multi-factor authentication capabilities into their new devices.