Sensory Brings Multi Factor Biometrics To Android Devices

Currently in its early release, AppLock is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Currently in its early release, AppLock is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Today, Sensory has announced the release of its AppLock software through the Google Play Store. Aiming to to offer a solid, convenient and secure solution to the myriad problems with passwords, Sensory’s app can transform any Android phone into a highly customizable strong authentication machine.

“Consumers generally find it cumbersome to use PINs or passwords to lock their phones, and as a result these devices often go unlocked,” says Sensory CEO Todd Mozer. “Sensory’s biometric authentication provides a high level of security, while still being convenient enough that people will actually use it.”

Powered by Sensory’s TrulySecure  technology, AppLock combines voice and face biometrics to give users a scalable password alternative. The app is particularly attractive because of its customizable features. A user can manage the level of security with which she would like to protect a given app and lock it using either face recognition, voice recognition or a combination of both. What’s more: as AppLock is used, it collects voice and face data, further refining a user’s templates and further bolstering its already formidable defense.

The voice biometrics are used through the microphone of a mobile device, while the face recognition leverages the front facing camera. Authentication, even on the highest security setting, is quite fast, and the option to enable liveness detection features adds even more peace of mind. If a phone with AppLock installed is lost or stolen, a user can sleep easy knowing that the most important apps on that phone are virtually inaccessible to anyone but her.

Sensory’s new app, with its availability to any user with an Android device, is a strong entry in the arena of post-password mobile technology. With its hands-free options, easy to use interface, quick enrollment and customizable features, Android users everywhere now have a viable biometric alternative to their cumbersome and flimsy passwords.

FindBiometrics recently interviewed Todd Mozer in advance of Sensory’s CES 2015 exhibition. The conversation sheds further light on some of the challenges Sensory overcame in making its hands free technology viable for today’s mobile market.

Hands free technology is a large part of the appeal in Sensory’s new solution. Having used AppLock myself, I found it particularly useful in terms of my phone’s hands free functions. In combination with Android’s “OK Google” feature, AppLock offers a highly intuitive security solution that doesn’t hamper the convenience of a device’s voice controls. The assurance of being able to enable multi-factor security on more sensitive apps also comes as a particular relief. A biometric software should be just that: convenient, scalable, secure and customizable.