Multimodal Sensory Platform Gets FIDO UAF Certification

Biometric Authentication BannersSensory Inc.‘s TrulySecure platform has been certified by the FIDO Alliance as compliant with the latter’s Universal Authentication Framework 1.0 specifications. Sensory says it’s the first multimodal face- and voice- based authentication system to receive such certification.

TrulySecure Multimodal Biometric Authentication uses a combination of machine learning, speech processing, and facial recognition to authenticate users. In keeping with FIDO’s UAF standards, it offers an embedded, on-device authentication system, avoiding the security risks associated with cloud-based solutions. And it has the added benefits of not requiring specialized hardware, and being fast and easy to use.

In announcing the certification, Sensory pointed to its longstanding support for FIDO. The company joined the Alliance earlier this year, and has been working with FIDO co-founder Nok Nok Labs to develop FIDO-certified authentication systems. Sensory CEO Todd Mozer said that Sensory’s staff are “huge supporters” of the FIDO Alliance, and asserted, “By working with companies across the entire authentication ecosystem to certify the interoperability of their FIDO Certified technologies with TrulySecure, we have made it even easier for companies to integrate the industry’s easiest to use and most secure biometric authentication technology within their products.”

Sensory has also been working on security products for mobile devices specifically, such as its AppLock software launched earlier this year; and with its strengthening affinity for FIDO standards, we may see even more highly secure offerings in this domain in the near future.