Sensory Inc. and Nok Nok Labs to Deliver FIDO-Ready Face and Voice Recognition

iStock_Multi-Modal-300x225Nok Nok Labs and Sensory Inc. have announced a new partnership that will deliver FIDO-certified voice and facial biometric authentication. Sensory’s latest product, TrulySecure, will be integrated into Nok Nok Labs’ S3 Authentication Suite.
TrulySecure uses a combination of face and speech recognition for user authentication, effectively replacing any need for a PIN or password for access control. The technology’s information is also local to the device on which it’s being used, thereby eliminating the possibility of a data breach in the cloud – a welcome relief to many anxious consumers.
Nok Nok Labs, meanwhile, is a co-founding member of the FIDO Alliance offering an authentication platform – the S3 Suite – that’s versatile and flexible, with a wide range of potential applications. The company recently announced full support for the newly-determined FIDO 1.0 certification standards, and its new partnership with Sensory seems a natural progression in that direction. Moreover, such partnerships seem to be more and more common as the market for biometrics expands, and demand from businesses and consumers alike increases.