Sensory Aims at Android Developers with New TrulyHandsfree SDK

Sensory has launched a new software development kit (SDK) for its TrulyHandsfree speech recognition platform. The SDK is aimed at software developers, with Sensory striving to make it as easy as possible to integrate the company’s constantly ‘listening’ technology.

Sensory Aims at Android Developers with New TrulyHandsfree SDKTo that end, Sensory says it’s now possible to add speech triggers and commands to applications with fewer than 20 lines of code, and that its documentation is consolidated into a format that is easier to understand. It’s also available via JAVA API for Android, making work much easier for Android developers specifically.

In a statement announcing the new SDK, Sensory engineer Jacques de Villiers explained that the Sensory team has “worked closely with our partners to understand what they wanted and completely redesigned our SDK… to greatly reduce the overhead and complexity of designing TrulyHandsfree technology into applications.”

The company’s claims are considerably bolstered by the credibility it has attained with its recent major integrations of TrulyHandsfree technology into Intel’s SoC offerings as well as Samsung’s ARTIK IoT platform. And given that Sensory says TrulyHandsfree has shipped in more than a billion products, it already has substantial momentum to build on as it seeks to appeal to even more developers.