Sensory Launches TrulySecure 2.0

With TrulySecure 2.0, Sensory Offers 'Virtually Impenetrable Security'Sensory Inc. has launched TrulySecure 2.0, the next generation of one of its flagship multimodal platforms.

The newest iteration of TrulySecure—which is the biometric platform that powers Sensory’s AppLock app—combines voice and face biometrics with sophisticated machine learning to provide an authentication platform ideal for mobile applications. Moreover, the new version builds on the FIDO UAF compliance of its predecessor, offering FIDO Certified technology to developers interested in secure multimodal authentication.

According to the company, TrulySecure 2.0 correctly identifies the user in 98 percent of transactions, and prevents impostors from false authorization with 99.999 percent accuracy. As Sensory CEO Todd Mozer puts it in a press release, with TrulySecure 2.0, Sensory is offering “virtually impenetrable security against hackers and identity theft without sacrificing convenience or adding undue system costs.”

Sensory is promoting its new platform with a Starter Partner Program through which it is offering discounts to interested developers, who could have access to up to 10,000 licenses. The system is compatible with Mac OS, Android, Windows, and Linux.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)