Sensory, Rubidium Bring Alexa Wakeup to Qualcomm SoCs

Sensory Inc. and Rubidium are enabling voice-activated wakeup for the Alexa AI assistant on the Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio CSR8670 and CSR8675 system-on-chips.

Sensory, Rubidium Bring Alexa Wakeup to Qualcomm SoCsThis means that developers incorporating these Qualcomm chips into their products can take advantage of Alexa voice activation, with Sensory and Rubidium’s technologies helping to usher the technology to applications in devices ranging from smart speakers to fitness tracking devices. And the technology is sophisticated enough that it can detect the wake word in loud environments or even when the activating device is itself playing music, the companies say.

In a statement announcing the development, Qualcomm Technologies SVP Anthony Murray explained that the Sensory and Rubidium’s Alexa wake word support “can help reduce integration and development time for device manufacturers, which offers cost reduction opportunities as well.” It’s a pitch that could perk up some ears among OEM developers as voice interaction plays an increasingly important role in mobile devices and the various smart products emerging with the Internet of Things.