SESAMES Awards Recognize mPayment Innovation

SESAMES Awards Recognize mPayment InnovationThe winners of the second annual American SESAMES Awards have been announced. Part of the Cartes Secure Connexions event series, the SESAMES recognize innovation in their winners.

This year’s winners include Dynamics Inc. in the Card Manufacturing category and, in the category of Emerging Payments, ams AG, whose technology allows devices that can only support a tiny antenna to have a powerful NFC capability. Another big winner is Oberthur Technologies, in the Identification category. That company was recognized for its Dynamic Security Code, which adds another layer of security to Card-Not-Present transactions by essentially replacing the 3-digit security code found on most credit cards with a frequently-refreshing digital code on a mini-screen.

The award winners seem to highlight the growing importance of innovation in the world of mobile payments, and for good reason, now that many mPayment platforms are on the horizon, seeking to compete against the pioneering Apple Pay system. For its part, Oberthur Technologies has been very active in this area, having forged a partnership with SecureKey last year to develop GSMA Mobile Connect compliant solutions, and, more recently, having struck a deal to provide the embedded Secure Element in Samsung’s new smartphones.