Sherlock to Help Police with In-the-Field Fingerprint Scanning

Fingerprint BiometricsIntegrated Biometrics has announced that its FBI-certified fingerprint-scanning technology has found its way into a major commercial device aimed at law enforcement. The company’s Sherlock sensor is now the crucial biometric engine in Booz Allen Hamilton’s new VAMPIRE tactical forensic device.

The VAMPIRE device is a compact and lightweight fingerprint scanner that can be used by law enforcement officials in the field. It’s capable of live and latent matching, and features advanced image processing capabilities and optical design.
Speaking in a press release, Adam Weiner, a Booz Allen Hamilton Principal, enthused about the advanced capabilities and also the durability of the Sherlock sensor. “It’s rugged, light, and performs well in our slide-out access design,” he said, adding that it “enables us to offer fast, FBI-certified live fingerprint ID to VAMPIRE’s core Latent Fingerprint ID capabilities.”
More and more law enforcement authorities have been turning to biometric technology to help them in their investigations, cooperating at all levels with the private sector for the purposes of development and integration. Moreover, government agencies like the FBI adhere to high security and technological standards, which helps to encourage activity in its own kind of niche market by providing biometrics developers with clear targets.
Recently we’ve seen similar in-the-field fingerprint-scanning technology deployed in Illinois and Texas, and it has also pioneered its way into Calgary in Canada; we can expect many more examples in the near future.