Silicon Labs Wins Again in UBM Canon ACE Awards’ Sensors Category

Silicon Labs Wins Again in UBM Canon ACE Awards' Sensors CategorySilicon Labs has won a major honor in this year’s UBM Canon ACE Awards in the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley. The company won an award in the Sensors category for its Si1132 and Si114 UV index sensor family.

The company’s Si1132/4x sensor family is most notable for its single-chip, digital UV index sensor, which is designed to track sun exposure by monitoring blood oximetry and cardiac rate. It also has gesture and proximity control functionality with respect to compatible wearable and mobile devices, making its sensors particularly well-suited to wearables like arm bands and smartwatches.

It’s the second consecutive year in which Silicon Labs has won in the UBM Canon ACE Awards’ Sensor category, and in a statement Silicon Labs executive Ross Sabolcik said it “validates the breakthrough innovation, versatility and value of our Si1132/4x UV sensors in biometrics applications for wearables.”

Silicon Labs has been a keen cheerleader for the development of embedded technologies, especially in the context of the Internet of Things. At the start of this year the company’s CEO gave the opening keynote address at the Embedded World 2015 conference, a sign of the company’s increasing prominence in the industry after it released two SDKs last autumn to help usher biometric technology into the Internet of Things. With this latest award for its sensors, the company is clearly establishing itself in the area of embedded biometrics, particularly in the wearable technologies that are expected to play a significant role in the IoT ecosystem.