New iPhones’ Siri Can Recognize Your Voice

New iPhones' Siri Can Recognize Your VoiceApple’s newest iPhones are equipped with some pretty advanced voice and speech recognition technology, as beta testers had surmised. The Siri virtual assistant installed on the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus is now able to identify a speaker, activating only when the person addressing it is the device’s authorized user.

It’s also a means of unlocking the iPhone via voice recognition, adding another biometric modality to the security apparatus already in place with the iPhone’s fingerprint scanning Touch ID system. And it seems to be getting at least some users excited about voice and speech recognition, as evidenced by a demonstration of the technology in a new video on BGR. The video also shows the improving sophistication of Siri’s speech recognition, with the system easily able to understand what its users are asking.

This kind of speech recognition could be an increasingly important technological capability on a number of platforms going forward, especially given its potential as a user interface for various connected devices in the Internet of Things. Google has also been working on refining its own speech recognition technology, having announced a major upgrade last week, and we can probably expect other companies operating in the digital space to start investing more R&D in this area.

Source: BGR