Slew of Orders Causes FPC to Revise Q1 Revenue Forecast

Fingerprint Cards ABFingerprint Cards (FPC) has revised its revenue projections for the first quarter of the year, the company has announced. The revision comes in the wake of multiple high-value orders of its FPC1025 fingerprint sensor.

The company had previously advised investors that its Q1 2015 revenues would be more or less consistent with those posted in Q4 of 2014, valued at 105 MSEK. However, in the wake of a spate of orders, valued at 75 MSEK, and 90 MSEK, the company is now projecting Q1 2015 revenues of 125 MSEK.

It’s a substantial increase, and a welcome one, given that the company still anticipates a negative operating result for the quarter. It’s an upwards trend, with each order attaining a higher value, and the orders have come in quickly, over the span of just a few weeks. All of them had FPC’s fingerprint sensors destined for smartphone manufacturers based in China. If it proves to be a continuing trend, driven in part by the impending launches of multiple mobile commerce and payment platforms in the region, FPC could see many more such orders in the near future.