Smart Cards: Fingerprint Cards and SmartMetric Protect Digital Wallet With Biometrics

9436_fingerprint-cards_fingerprintcardslogoOne of the biggest benefits rising from the marriage between strong authentication and mobile technology is convenience. Ease of use on the transactions making side of things is where the traction is coming from in terms of end-user demand. Not only are PINs and passwords too abundant to keep track of and too cumbersome to enter when best practices are being observed, but when it comes to physical in-store payment, keeping track of various cards is becoming an inconvenience too.

SmartMetric is addressing all of this with its newest smart card solution: the SmartMetric One Card Digital Wallet. As the name suggests, the One Card eliminates the need to carry around multiple transaction cards, providing a single stop payment solution.

Of course, having a single compromised credit card is enough of a nightmare, so the amount of risk involved in aggregating so many payment methods is high. In order to bolster the necessary security for this kind of transaction method SmartMetric looked to Fingerprint Cards (FPC) to provide fingerprint technology for the card device.

In order to activate One Card, users will swipe an enrolled finger on an FPC swipe sensor, which will allow authentication to happen locally on the smart card itself. In doing so, the digital wallet will be protecting not just credit and bank card information, but also drivers licences and other ID documents, under biometric lock and key.

Again, we see convenience and security both being pushed in order to leverage new ways to pay, and the versatility of fingerprint sensors is being showcased.

“Protecting personal data and sensitive credit card information is critical and must be done in a convenient way so that users can handle this easily on a daily basis,” says Chaya Hendrick, SmartMetrics president and CEO. “Our biometric smart card is the first on the market that offers true multi-credit card storage functionality, with data only available after secure fingerprint authentication. FPC provides the type of fingerprint sensor technology that our biometric smart card requires, where low power consumption and compact size are crucial technical requirements.”

FPC technology has been finding its way onto smart cards quite a bit this year. The most notable instance of this was in a record setting capacity this past October, when it announced that its technology was being included in the worlds very first smart card featuring an embedded fingerprint biometric sensor.