Smart Suitcase Uses NEXT Biometrics Fingerprint Sensor

NEXT Biometrics technology has found its way into something of a novel use case, with a client having integrated a fingerprint sensor into a smart suitcase.

Smart Suitcase Uses NEXT Biometrics Fingerprint SensorIn a statement announcing the integration, NEXT Biometrics did not name the client and product in question, but did offer several details about the suitcase. Describing it as “packed with technology,” the company indicated that the suitcase is designed to automatically send an alert to the owner’s smartphone when it is on an airport conveyor belt, and that an alarm is triggered in the event of theft. NEXT Biometrics also said that the suitcase features a Bluetooth speaker, a phone charger, an embedded scale, and a GPS tracker. And, of course, a biometric lock using NEXT Biometrics sensor technology.

Commenting on the integration, NEXT Biometrics CEO Ritu Favre said, “The suitcase featuring a NEXT sensor an innovative solution that illustrates the creativity out there. It’s a natural use case for fingerprint technology and over time this will likely evolve to become a considerable market.”

News of the integration comes in the same week that NEXT Biometrics announced it has reached a milestone of two million shipments of its fingerprint sensors, and that the company had expanded its executive leadership with two new hires, and secured a new client, all of which appears to signal a period of growth for the company.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)