SmartCard Marketing Systems and CardLogix Developing Biometric Payment Card Solution

FinTech payments consultant SmartCard Marketing Systems has teamed up with smart card specialist CardLogix to develop a new biometric payment card solution, the companies have announced.SmartCard Marketing Systems and CardLogix Developing Biometric Payment Card Solution

The effort will leverage CardLogix’ security features, including a fingerprint sensor that will store biometric data on the smart card’s embedded processor, and other more conventional card security measures meant to protect against cloning and skimming. Together with SmartCard Marketing Systems’ payments architecture, the technology will enable highly secure transactions.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, the companies said they aim to develop “custom-built solutions that emphasize speed, mobility, and security for medium-sized enterprises, governments, and resort & casinos,” adding that the biometric smart cards would be designed for use in “a cloud-hosted, closed-loop payment system.” They also emphasized that CardLogix’ smart card technology offers applications in “cyber access control, building and room access, loyalty and stored value, and even electronic healthcare records for national healthcare identity programs.”

The partnership arrives at a time of growing excitement about biometric smart cards, with Zwipe having announced earlier this month that it received initial orders for its new biometric payment card solution, while Mastercard has been trialing its own biometric card solution developed with IDEX and Safran Identity & Security (now OT-Morpho).

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)