Smartphone Battery Life Could be Extended Dramatically with New Technologies

Smartphone 1Emerging technological advancements could bring major extensions to smartphones’ battery lives, according to a Forbes article by Jay McGregor. The advancements come in the forms of phone design breakthroughs, scientific research, and even more advanced operating systems.

McGregor’s wide-ranging survey starts with Samsung. That company has created a new memory module design called the ePoP (embedded package on package), which is essentially a much more compact way to organize the various components of a smartphone’s memory system. That frees up space within the rest of the phone – which could allow for a bigger battery. It isn’t yet clear if that kind of design is finding its way into Samsung’s upcoming new Galaxy device, but if it is, that could give it a leg-up in the increasingly crowded smartphone market.

Other battery life solutions investigated by McGregor include the development of more power-efficient hardware, and designs allowing for removable battery swapping, which could let users plug larger batteries into their phones to boost battery life when needed. But he also notes that some companies are focusing on boosting the charging time for smartphones, with one startup boasting of a new smartphone battery that can be charged in just a few minutes.

Looking to the future, there are emerging technologies that could allow for vastly expanded battery capacity, such as the harnessing of the material graphene and the development of pure lithium anode batteries. In the meantime, though, we have operating systems right now that are constantly improving their battery analytics to allow for greater efficiency and a longer lifespan.