SoftKinetic 3D Imaging Tech Enables VR Interaction, Facial Recognition

SoftKinetic showed off some new 3D imaging technologies at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Shanghai.

SoftKinetic 3D Imaging Tech Enables VR Interaction, Facial RecognitionOne is a solution for virtual and augmented reality systems. Called DepthSense, it’s a camera module for head mounted displays that is designed to track the user’s hand movements, allowing users an intuitive means of interacting with the digital displays in their HMD systems.

SoftKinetic’s other showcase solution is a front-facing camera designed to enable 3D facial recognition on mobile devices. Developed in collaboration with Visio Ingenii and KeyLemon – the latter of which has provided facial recognition technology for Synaptics – the solution could prove popular if Apple helps to pioneer mobile 3D facial recognition via this year’s new iPhone as anticipated.

SoftKinetic SVP Tim Droz introduced the new solutions to attendees of MWC Shanghai’s VR &AR Summit on June 30th, and the company’s Head of Automotive Strategy discussed its DepthSense technology’s automotive applications at the Connected Vehicle Summit that same day.