Software Update Shows Samsung’s Commitment to Its Smartwatch

Samsung has announced a new software update that brings several new features to its Gear S2 smartwatch.Software Update Shows Samsung's Commitment to Its Smartwatch

One of them is improved interoperability. The Gear S2 can now be used as a controller for the Gear VR headset, while at the office, it can be used to manipulate a PowerPoint presentation, eliminating the need for a clicker to change slides.

There’s also a new weather app offering detailed information to help users plan their day. At a glance, it shows the high and the low for the day, as well as the current temperature and conditions; but users can also quickly look up things like sunrise and sunset times, precipitation, and even UV index.

Other upgrades are concerned with the user interface. A user’s most recent apps will receive top billing, while the Quick Panel for settings like display and volume can now be accessed from any screen by swiping down from the top of the display. And in the Samsung Health app, information like heart rate and pace count can be accessed more readily, as can preset workout routines.

It’s not a game-changing update, but it’s a substantial one, and the fact that it has arrived over two years after the initial launch of the original Gear S2 – a version supporting eSIM functionality came out in 2016 – points to Samsung’s commitment to its flagship smartwatch. It may also hint at a new device to come, given that Samsung is clearly still actively working on its specialized software.