Sonavation Launches Biometric IoT Authentication Solution

SonicTouch Combines Ultrasonic, Match-in-Sensor Biometric Tech

Sonavation has launched a new authentication solution for mobile and IoT devices. Called SonicTouch, it’s intended as a comprehensive, high-level security solution with particularly impactful applications in mobile payment authentication.

The system incorporates two of Sonavation’s flagship technologies. One is ultrasonic fingerprint scanning, which allows for the capture of a three-dimensional fingerprint image in what the company has called a “virtually unspoofable” scan. The other is Sonavation’s Match-in-Sensor architecture, which uses system-on-a-chip design to perform biometric matching on the module itself, rather than making it vulnerable to hacker interception by transmitting it to an external server. With these technologies in place, SonicTouch is able to scan and encrypt a highly detailed fingerprint image, and to match it without having that data transmitted outside of the device. In a statement, Sonavation called it “the industry’s first full-stack solution with the highest level end-to-end encryption architecture that provides a fully encapsulated locked-down module.”

Commenting on the new offering, Sonavation CEO Karl Weintz called it “the comprehensive advancement that will enable the most secure authentication solution for manufacturers,” while CTO Dr. Rainer Schmitt asserted that its “acoustic impediography” is “simple and robust,” adding that it’s also capable of scanning through glass.

Sonavation says the FIDO-ready solution is currently being integrated into devices from “three global tier one mobile device manufacturers,” so its benefits should soon be demonstrated in real world applications.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)