Sonavation Unveils New 3D Ultrasound Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint BiometricsBiometric technology developer Sonavation has announced the release of a new finger-scanning authentication device called the IDKEY. The device uses 3D biometric ultrasound surface scan technology, producing what the company calls a “virtually unspoofable” fingerprint scan.
The small device can be connected to mobile and browser applications via USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, and features NFC technology, allowing for contactless payment transactions. It also features 16GB of storage space, encrypting data and keeping it safely off the grid. 
Perhaps most importantly, though, the device supports the FIDO Alliance’s U2F/UAF security standards – a feature stressed by Sonavation COO Bob Stewart, who asserts that “FIDO standards of multi-factor authentication are the future of digital security and access.” (The company is itself a co-founder of the FIDO Alliance.)
At this point there is no question that biometric technology is displacing archaic password security, and rightly so. But it will be interesting to see what place in the market such multi-purpose devices will be able to carve out for themselves as more connected devices begin to employ such security measures as a matter of course, as we have seen in the world of smartphones over the last year or so. In any case, FIDO’s specifications certainly fit the bill to counter the increasingly worrying threat posed to digital security, and Sonavation is prudent in meeting those standards in its new offering.