SpeechPro Announces March Release For Updated Touchless Smartphone Biometrics

Speechpro-logo_enEver since the iPhone 5S Touch ID spoofing in September 2013, one of the big concerns in smartphone biometric technology is liveness detection. Users want to be assured that their precious confidentials aren’t able to be accessed by a criminal with a gummy bear, a tape recorder or a picture from Facebook. This is why one of the major selling points for SpeechPro’s VoiceKey.OnePass is its unique anti-spoofing liveness detection feature.

The VoiceKey.OnePass will be launching with updated features later this month, and it promises post-password protection through an easy and convenient interface. SpeechPro is boasting a False Acceptance rate of under 0.01 percent, while false rejections (the more prefered of the two misfires) are being recorded under two percent of the time.

The solution is completely touchless. A new feature dubbed “Touchless Identification” leverages a smartphone’s front-facing camera in order to initiate the authentication process. A user simply presents her face and the video stream identifies it, automatically launching the vocal recognition.

This new aspect of OnePass combines multi-modal biometric authentication with user convenience.

In addition to Touchless Identification, the next release of the smartphone tech will include “Static-Prompted Voice Passphrase” capability. It is the culmination of voice biometric passphrase technologies, combining the static (same spoken phrase every time) with a randomly generated set of word to be spoken (prompted).

This acts as a form of liveness detection. Replay attacks, in which a recording of a user speaking her passphrase can’t account for the dynamic verification of prompted speech.

“Smartphones play an increasingly important role in our lives and the significance of a secure login and authentication process is hard to overstate,” comments Alexey Khitrov, president of SpeechPro USA. “We are confident that the new, user-friendly features of VoiceKey.OnePass will further enhance the verification experience for mobile users. It makes so much sense to use the imbedded capabilities of smartphones to provide a secure biometric login experience.”

Mobile ID World’s sister site findBIOMETRICS recently had a chance to interview Khitrov about the VoiceKey.OnePass and the growing opportunities in mobile identity management.

“…I think the role of the mobile is increasing in human life so we are doing more and more with our mobile devices and this is a great opportunity for biometrics in general and voice biometrics in particular as a microphone is an integral part of any phone,” said Khitrov. “Voice biometrics can do is provide secure access to the protected resources on the device, on the server or through call centers. Of course we see a lot of potential in multimodal biometrics in combining biometric modalities and getting the most of security without depletion of the customer experience. The fact that the computation capability of the smartphones is increasing so rapidly allows us to add more and more biometric capabilities right on the smartphone. This trend creates fantastic opportunities for the marketplace and we already see a lot of growth in this space.”