SpeechPro Provides VoiceKey To ImageWare Systems’ Authentication Engine

ImageWare Systems, a company that provides authentication through its disruptive IDentity as a Service platform, has engaged with SpeechPro: a biometric software company specializing in voice recognition. As a result, SpeechPro’s voice biometric engine has been embedded into ImageWare product line: CloudID, GoMobile Interactive and pillphone (which is enabled by GoMobile).

Named VoiceKey, SpeechPro’s biometric engine boasts flexible deployment options, which is a key necessity when working with ImageWare technology. The IDaaS model that ImageWare uses is multi-modal and highly scalable, promising customers authentication to fit their specific and unique needs.

CloudID, for instance, is described by the ImageWare as ”a modular, service-orientated, architecture-based software platform that allows the rapid development and deployment of highly secure, yet flexible identity solutions from the creation and management of secure credentials.”

It is adaptive by design, thanks to its cloud-based nature. This means that not only is it compatable with current systems and plug n play peripherals, but it can evolve with the strong authentication landscape. To use a far-out example: breathprint technology is a biometric modality that only exists in the movies, but if a sensor became available next year that allowed for authentication via breathing, then CloudID would be ready for it.

“IWS is an ideal partner for SpeechPro given their leading edge products, which provide a great value for customers by combining best of breed technologies into a single cloud- based identity management platform,” explains SpeechPro USA president, Alexey Khitrov. “IWS Multi-modal approach significantly improves the customer experience and security for cloud based services.”

Peter O’Neill, president of Mobile ID World and our sister site findBIOMETRICS recently interviewed Khitrov about the key drivers in strong mobile authentication.

Additionally, earlier this week, ImageWare Systems released its financial results for first quarter 2014. Things are looking up for the cloud biometric company.