SRI International Announces Official Launch of Princeton Identity Inc.

SRI International has announced the official launch of spinoff company Princeton Identity Inc. Funding for the new company came mostly from Samsung Ventures, a longtime collaborator of SRI International.SRI International Announces Official Launch of Princeton Identity Inc.

While SRI International has worked with a number of biometric modalities, as can be seen in its range of offerings at this year’s IFSEC trade show, it appears that Princeton Identity’s focus will be on iris biometrics. In a statement announcing the spinoff’s launch, Princeton Identity CEO Mark Clifton proclaimed, “Iris recognition will enable the next generation of smart devices and IoT to create more secure access control than what is typically available today,” adding, “Launching as a separate venture enables us to place our full focus on becoming a leader in identity management and access control across a number of verticals, including security and mobile access control.”

Those interests appear to dovetail nicely with Samsung’s recent exploration of mobile iris scanning technology, as can be seen in its Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone. And the new spinoff points to long-term collaboration between the companies. As SRI Ventures President Manish Kothari commented, “SRI and Samsung Ventures have been collaborating to launch a biometrics company for some time and SRI is proud to see the innovation commercialized by Princeton Identity.”


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)