Starbucks Enables Fingerprint Login for Mobile App

Starbucks regulars can now log into the Starbucks app via fingerprint scan. App upgrades have enabled biometric authentication for both Android and iOS.

Starbucks Enables Fingerprint Login for Mobile AppThose who are unfamiliar with the app may be wondering why a coffee chain’s mobile app would need biometric security. In fact, the Starbucks app can contain some sensitive information. It lets users pay for purchases with their phones, and thus requires them to create user profiles and enter credit card information.

Now, thanks to the app updates, iPhone users and Android users who have phones with embedded fingerprint sensors can sign into their profiles with the touch of a finger.

It’s a move in keeping with Starbucks’ early adopter approach to mobile technology, with the company having been at the forefront of emerging mobile payment technology with its app. Starbucks has also been testing out a ‘virtual barista’ AI system this year designed to let customers place order by voice and text command, which could see a wide roll-out soon.

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