Sticky Password Sees Security Advantages Offered by Mobile Biometrics

Smartphone securityPassword management solutions provider Sticky Password has announced that the newest version of its software will feature biometric security measures. The software now recognizes Android and iOS fingerprint authentication, and will allow users to use it to access their password databases.
It’s a smart move on Sticky Password’s part. Thanks in large part to Apple’s pioneering efforts with its TouchID system, fingerprint scanners are poised to become standard features on smartphones on both the high- and low-end of the cost spectrum. Security experts such as those in the FIDO Alliance have been advocating for multi-factor authentication for some time, and biometric security is seen as having the potential to more-or-less displace passwords altogether
Whether or not things ultimately play out that way, biometrics is certainly going to have an increasingly important role to play in digital security going forward. It’s therefore a shrewd move for a company like Sticky Password to embrace it as part of an overall security package, rather than try to find some way to compete against it.
The company’s new software also allows password syncing across devices using “military-grade” encryption; another forward-thinking securitization as greater amounts of sensitive data are stored in the cloud.