STMicroelectronics Announces New NFC Module for Wearables

Semiconductor specialist STMicroelectronics has announced a new NFC module to enable contactless transactions on wearable devices.

STMicroelectronics Announces New NFC Module for WearablesCalled the ST53G System-in-Package, the module sports both an NFC transmitter and what STMicroelectronics calls a ‘secure banking chip’. Importantly, the latter is only 4mm by 4mm in size, helping to facilitate the solution’s integration into smaller devices. The module is compliant with EMVCo, ISO/IEC-14443 NFC card emulation, and MIFARE standards; and its ST31G480 secure microcontroller is also Common Criteria certified.

In a statement announcing the solution, STMicroelectronics Secure Microcontroller Division Marketing Director Laurent Degauque explained that the solution enables secure transactions “on wearables ranging from one-time devices to fashion items,” adding that it “broadens consumer access to convenient, frictionless banking and ticketing.”

The company says the ST53G System-in-Package will go into full production in Q1 of 2018, and that it’s already working with partners to develop products based on the module.