Stylistic V535 Tablet Features Ultra-Small Palm Vein Scanner

Immediately on the heels of its launch of the new F-Pro sensor, Fujitsu has announced a tablet device featuring the sensor embedded in its chassis.

Stylistic V535 Tablet Features Ultra-Small Palm Vein ScannerCalled the Stylistic V535, it’s a Windows device featuring an 8.3″ touchscreen couched within a rugged frame. The display is water and dust resistant, while the one corner of its frame features the F-Pro sensor, the latest – and smallest – in Fujitsu’s line of PalmSecure palm vein scanning solutions.

Fujitsu says it is aiming the device primarily at the healthcare, financial services, and retail markets, and has some ambitious ideas about its applications. In a statement announcing the Stylistic V535, Fujitsu noted that it could enable patient registration in hospital settings, for example; while in financial services Fujitsu envisions its use for customer authentication “at ATMs and drive through windows”.

Offering further commentary, Fujitsu Currency Handling and Identity Product Solutions VP Randy Fox suggested that this is just the beginning in a line of new devices that will feature the F-Pro sensor, asserting, “We are currently working with strategic partners who will enable us to grow our PalmSecure suite of solutions,” and adding that going forward Fujitsu “will work very closely with these partners as they continue to grow their base of customers interested in replacing legacy systems with innovative new offerings.”

In addition to its flagship palm vein scanning capability, other features of the new tablet include an Intel Atom Z3745 processor, an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera, and a battery life of over five hours.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)