SunLink Enables Mobile Access to Solar Energy Project Data

Solar energy company SunLink has launched a new mobile app that could dramatically change how its customers handle operations and maintenance for their solar projects.

SunLink Enables Mobile Access to Solar Energy Project DataCalled VERTEX, the system is available on iOS, and grants users access to real-time data on solar projects. The idea is to rein in O&M costs in solar power, a longstanding issue that has proven challenging for the nascent energy industry. In a statement announcing the app, SunLink VP of Products Kate Trono explained that the “ability to monitor and control projects remotely changes long-term project economics because it’s much less expensive to swipe your phone than roll a truck,” adding that this capability could be further improved with coming advances in big data and Internet of Things technologies.

Of course, with this potentially sensitive data available for mobile online access, security is a major concern. As such, SunLink has announced that its VERTEX app will employ multi-factor user authentication including the use of biometrics, and will also employ tokenization. While no further details of this security architecture have been revealed, in a statement SunLink CEO Michael Maulick emphasized the company’s commitment to using “the highest levels of cybersecurity.”

SunLink’s VERTEX exemplifies the growing prevalence of sensitive data online and accessed via mobile, and could prove pioneering if it leverages data from the IoT. As such, it will also prove exemplary in how well it manages to protect that data going forward.