Suprema Announces Mobile-Focused BioSign

Suprema's BioSign Supports World's Smallest Fingerprint SensorBiometric security solutions provider Suprema has announced a major new offering: Called BioSign, it’s a mobile-focused solution supporting the world’s smallest fingerprint sensor, the company says.

The sensor measures on 4mm by 4mm, offering advantages to OEMs with respect to reduced production costs and greater design flexibility. Moreover, Suprema claims in a statement that BioSign “offers the lowest FAR (false acceptance rate) in the market,” and that it uses “the world’s fastest” and “most efficient and effective algorithm to date.”

Commenting on the new offering, Suprema VP Dr. Brian Song pointed out that, with its low production costs, BioSign could offer particular advantages to OEMs in the mid-range smartphone market. And its small size allows for a range of potential applications in smartcards, wearables, and the Internet of Things.

The company plans to show off the device at next week’s Mobile World Congress, where BioSign’s small size and Suprema’s bold claims about its effectiveness should generate substantial interest among attendees, particularly now that mobile biometrics are becoming so remarkably popular.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)