Survey Finds Canadians Open to Smart Home Concept

Canadians are lukewarm toward the smart home, according to new survey results. The study was commissioned by Canadian telecom TELUS, and conducted by market research firm MARU/VCR&C.

Survey Finds Canadians Open to Smart Home ConceptIn a statement announcing some of the survey results, TELUS did not disclose details about the study’s methodology; nevertheless, for what they’re worth, the results offer some interesting numbers. The survey found that 34 percent of respondents currently own at least one smart home device, with smart TVs being most popular (owned by 65 percent of those who have a smart home device), followed by smart thermostats (at 36 percent). Sixty-three percent of respondents expect to own at least one smart home device by the year 2018, but only 61 percent expect to benefit from the technology. Looking at the technology’s potential benefits, 57 percent of respondents said home efficiency would be its greatest merit, while 44 percent highlighted safety and security as its best benefit.

The results echo other recent survey results, with one study finding that 56 percent of Britons are excited about the smart home, and another, global study finding that 75 percent of 9,000 respondents from nine countries expect to benefit from the smart home. Together, these surveys seem to indicate that the mass market is certainly open to the idea of smart home devices, and these favorability ratings could rise as more such devices reach the market and demonstrate their benefits more tangibly.